To Melbourne!

2 Oct

I love Australia. This is not a secret; in fact, it is such a large and obvious part of my makeup that it is a source of great mockery amongst my family and friends, and probably rightly so. I am able to identify an Australian accent at fifty paces, keep the second clock on my computer set to Sydney, and have been known to say ‘she’ll be apples’ in an embarrassingly unironic manner. So, it follows that there are many things that cause me to want to jump on a plane for the little 25-hour jaunt down under; a craving for eggs at Bills, the thought of the purple Jacaranda flowers against the red brick roofs of Sydney, the awesomely quirky yet classic stuff they sell at Cue and seemingly nowhere else. Hell, sometimes waking up or breathing makes me ache for the land where women, um, something, and men plunder (?).

That being said, on occasion there is something that happens that makes me very nearly grab my passport and catch the nearest taxi. Most recently, that was the news that Geoffrey Rush will be starring in ‘The Drowsy Chaperone’ in Melbourne. Yes, my friends, Geoffrey Rush, one of the best actors on the planet, capable of both making up one of the most touching and honest acceptance speeches at the Tonys and then partying until the wee hours (I saw him when I was leaving the giant Hair party and he was walking in saying he hoped his Tony would get him in, then heard tales of his presence at the infamous ‘omlet party’ later that night), will be bringing his own wit and magnetism to a delightful musical. So Aussies, buy your tickets, and make a reservation at Bill’s (well, it’s Melbourne, so the Supper Club) with an extra spot for me.


One Response to “To Melbourne!”

  1. Will October 11, 2009 at 9:33 pm #

    YES!!!!!! THere’s your reason to come back!!!!

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