C’mon, get happy

21 Sep

Last night was the Emmy Awards, and with it the attendant fashion parade that always makes my heart sing. And while I may or may not do a post about how awesome many, many people looked (although Elizabeth Moss, did you not get the memo that you are a slender young woman? It looks like you got the best dress available for the Mother of the Bride), but what really caught my eye last night were these two. But, not for their dresses.

Drew Barrymore

First of all, I do love this dress. If I were required to walk the red carpet, at least once I would like to wear a dress that looks like this – well-fitting, a beautiful color, and the answer to all your secret fairy princess dreams, but done in an elegant way. But also, I’d like to think that I would walk the red carpet in this dress, and treat it like that; in all the photos I’ve seen of Drew Barrymore, she looks thrilled. She knows she’s dressed like every little girl’s dream, and it looks like all she can do to keep from twirling. She just looks like she’s having a lot of fun, and it makes me happy to see her happiness – if I can’t wear that dress, at least I can be inspired by her wearing it.

In contrast, we have this:

Ginnifer Goodwin

I would say that’s a pretty dress, but frankly, I had a hard time seeing it, because I couldn’t get past the look on Ginnifer Goodwin’s face. Now I know that being a celebrity must be often excruciating, and walking the red carpet incessantly must get to be a real chore. But this goes a little beyond a neutral ‘let’s get this over with’ seriously, Ginnifer Goodwin, what happened? Did a beloved childhood pet just die? Did we interrupt you doing something you would rather be doing to make you walk the red carpet in a glamorous gown? Did we, the viewing audience, personally do something to offend you? If so, it must happen a lot, because a short google indicates that this is your standard publicity face. So I’m sorry if we bothered you, Ginnifer Goodwin, but lordy, must you look SO miserable? It isn’t too late to become a tax accountant!

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