Slow and steady…

11 Sep

Now, I am not what one would normally call a ‘softy’. While I have been known to cry at the occasional sad movie, cheesy movie, well produced ad, or that old guy on the subway who plays the keyboard with the hunched back (oh my god, that guy. Even WRITING this tears are mustering in readiness behind my eyeballs), my standard likes tend more towards giant squids and bats and less cute puppies and kittens (and misspelled cutesy talk makes me barf). Despite this, I occasionally find something that strikes me as so adorable my hard shrunken calcified heart grows three sizes. This is one of those things:



Apparently this box turtle, called ‘Lucky’, had its front legs bitten off by a racoon, and couldn’t walk. Some enterprising person figured out this brilliant solution, which was to attach furniture sliders to the bottom of his shell with double-stick tape. Solved! Lucky can walk, and I can cry and cry like the softy I may secretly be.

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