Cool, Real cool.

31 Aug

So, I am a huge musical theater person, as you probably already know. And while I will happily sing ‘Dance 10, Looks 3’ and ‘A Weekend in the Country’ all the way to my grave with special pride, sometimes I am gifted with a glimpse of what the outside world sees when they imagine a musical theater person. And that is, well, something like this:

And though I love my peculiar industry, oh man, we are not a cool people, are we?

I wish I could take credit for the finding of this video, too, but alas that honor goes to one Tommy Kail, the awesome Director of the play I’m currently lucky enough to be working on (‘Broke-ology’ at Lincoln Center, buy your tickets immediately). Having discovered that our Stage Manager Rachel is from Omaha, he tracked down the video. Then, lest anyone forget, sang the song from it from the next few days with his own added lyrics (“this is where we rehearse, this is where props are stored…”). So, though show people may sometimes be responsible for the creation of videos like the above, I can guarantee that you will never have a more hilarious time than when you work on a show.


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