I love you, New York Times

21 Aug

I am behind on reading the newspaper (which I now have in paper form in the mornings, huzzah!), and only came across this article this morning. Which is technically only from yesterday, so it’s not too shameful, but still.

Anyhoo, it’s from their ‘Critical Shopper’ column, a sort of review of different stores around New York. There are, I think, three people who write this column (I always wonder what the rules are – does the Times pay for what they buy, a la the dining section? Are they just wealthy themselves?), and this one is written by Mike Albo, who henceforth will be on my ‘immediately read’ list. Because this, a review of the fashion fever dream known as Hollister, is one of the funniest, most apt reviews I have ever read, and it reads like a very short story. Well done, Mike Albo. Well done.

Read the awesomeness HERE

And, just to whet your collective appetites, here’s the image that accompanies it.

Are they for sale too? Rawr.

Are they for sale too? Rawr.


2 Responses to “I love you, New York Times”

  1. anelengwenya August 21, 2009 at 10:54 am #

    Ah! yummy. they look soooo good! oh my gosh. Realy made my day. By the way, really loving your page!

  2. Anna August 21, 2009 at 4:50 pm #

    AMAZING. I have always loved the Critical Shopper column, but this one is a piece of literary genius. I actually know a guy who works at Hollister, and and definitely fits the mold- tall, chiseled, ridiculously good-looking, and SUPER nice. Like, Mormon nice.

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