Farnsworth, why?

18 Aug

Fox’s sneak preview for the TV show ‘Glee’ seems to have been a wild success, effectively whetting America’s collective appetite for more Matt Morrison and people breaking out into song (welcome to my life, America!!).

But while I loved the show and the exposure to my Broadway peeps, I noticed something odd. Well, not odd, but disappointing somehow. Which is that through the medium of TV, very good-looking people become, well, strange-looking. Matt Morrison’s yummy and unusual facial planes become weirdly exaggerated, and Lea Michele, whose sex appeal is so potent you can feel it standing outside the theater door, somehow manages to become, through television, this:


Now granted, that’s a bad photo. But if being on television is able to rearrange the photons and do this to a very attractive woman, I’m afraid to get within five feet of an actual television set.


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