This is not what was meant by 80s chic

9 Aug

So a revival of Neil Simon’s plays ‘Brighton Beach Memoirs’ and ‘Broadway Bound’ is coming to the Broadway, and they’ve released the poster art. Which is…. pretty terrible, if you ask me. Take a look:


It’s the best version of the image I could find, and it’s not great. But in the big version, it’s even worse – a colored pencil drawing in a style that hasn’t been stylish since the mid 80s. Or before. I don’t get it – are they trying to attract an older, specifically non-aesthetically-minded audience? Or one who wouldn’t be bothered by the fact that the proportion of the signs makes the boys look like they are giants? Or one who would think fondly enough of Sesame Street to want to see a play whose title is written on the same sign as their logo?

I do like the font of ‘The Neil Simon Plays,’ though. I guess.

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