Bizarros are hip now?

7 Aug

The latest Anthropologie catalogue is out, and it features two remarkable things. First, The Ugliest Boots in the World:

Top Left. Shudder.

Top Right. Shudder.

I mean, I like Newsies to a possibly unhealthy degree, but that doesn’t mean I want to pay hundreds of dollars for soupy yellow patchwork Newsie boots that are so horrible even Racetrack would sneer (that’s a little reference for all you Newsies folks out there).

Secondly, this picture, which momentarily lost me in space and time as I had the following series of thoughts: “Zooey Deschanel! Oh wait, not Zooey Deschanel, just bizarro Zooey Deschanel. But Matt Saldivar! No wait, not Matt Saldivar either.” So, at least they are equal opportunity casting: Bizarros from both Broadway and Film. Huzzah!

And yet I still wish they would break into song.

And yet I still wish they would break into song.


2 Responses to “Bizarros are hip now?”

  1. Anna August 7, 2009 at 8:24 pm #

    Awesome Newsies reference. And that picture makes me nervous and uncomfortable.

  2. Julie of the WTF August 10, 2009 at 3:08 pm #

    I stopped reading at “Newsies” because honestly what on earth could be more important to discuss? Now excuse me as I go dance around a lamp post.

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