I will see this movie. Possibly multiple times.

5 Aug

So a while back it was announced that there was a new movie in the works about Robin Hood, which frankly already meant I’d buy a ticket right there (oh, folklore and mythology dorkism). And then it was announced that Russell Crowe is playing Robin Hood, which means that I have a ticket and my arms ready and waiting in shaking-while-saying-‘squee’ position. And a few weeks ago there was a bit of a fuss because Sienna Miller, who had been playing Maid Marion, had been let go, ostensibly because Russell Crowe was too fat and he looked ridiculous opposite the living Kewpie Doll (with an equally vacant screen presence, if you ask me) Sienna Miller. And THEN they announced that they had replaced Sienna Miller with CATE BLANCHETT. Which is basically like saying ‘damn, I totalled my volvo hatchback, I guess I’ll have to replace it with this ROLLS ROYCE.’ I mean, really? Was Cate Blanchett ever an option before? Because I’m pretty sure that if Cate Blanchett is an option, even if the part is an old toothless black man with one leg, you cast Cate Blanchett. I mean, seriously, studio people? Sienna Miller? And THEN I just went onto imdb.com, and it looks like Matthew Macfadyen has been cast as the Sherriff of Nottingham, which basically means that I will now take a sleeping bag and sit outside the theater until it is released, because whoever cast this movie (well, with one original cast exception) clearly knows intimately all the chambers of my heart.

Anyhoo, they have just released this photo, of Russell Crowe in costume. And though I have never faltered in my love for Russell Crowe and will always defend him, his studliness, and his incredible talent, this just proves my loyalty correct. Russell Crowe, you are a studmuffin. You can aim your arrow at me anytime.

Squeeeee!!!! Also, Rawrrrr.

Squeeeee!!!! Also, Rawrrrr.

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