Proof that sci-fi nerds and theater nerds are only a few degrees apart

29 Jul

So Comic Con seems to be happening (or has recently happened), and I gotta say, the more I hear/see about it the funner it sounds. And hey, with True Blood taking over the TV buzz and Twilight taking over pretty much every other form of media, it seems like right now the coolest thing to be is a sci-fi nerd, right?

Anyhoo, this is a short documentary made about the Comic Con annual Masquerade competition, and it’s pretty awesome. I had no idea the competition even existed, let alone that the contestants had to do a presentation. And so many of them went for musical performances! Shout-outs to the Disney heroes versus villains song (clever!), the Dr. Horrible song (because Dr. Horrible is just awesome, always), and the person who sang a version of ‘Something Wonderful,’ even though I had NO idea what the context was. And, in non musical numbers, the fact that anyone put Mucha’s Four Seasons into costumes is pretty astounding. You can be a musical theater nerd, sci-fi nerd, AND art nerd at Comic Con? I think I found my people!


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