28 Jul

Okay, so I admit it – I love True Blood. This is not surprising, given that it is about vampires and stars people from Australia (the only thing that would make it more perfect for me would be if they all wore corsets all the time.) And I know this has been going around the internet, but it’s so awesome I will post it here too – it’s a preview from Comic Con of what’s to come. Vampires! Sex with vampires! Studly Eric! Studly Eric in chains! (because the only thing hotter than a studly man is a studly injured man – blame it on the Romantic Poets, sorry.) Jason being comically and brilliantly dumb! Really the only bad part of it is the very end, where I had such an immediate distaste for the actress who says ‘care to join?’ that I thought maybe we had been mortal enemies in a past life or something. Nope, turns out it’s just Evan Rachel Wood, and apparently my eyes process things I dislike immensely before my brain does (hey, at least it wasn’t Emme Rossum.)  Anyhoo, here’s the goodness:

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