Hey Sugar Daddy…

26 Jul

So I was absolutely not spending a good chunk of my Saturday night trolling the new Louboutin collection on Neiman Marcus and dreaming of the day I could see a red sole peeking out from my own closet. However, if I HAD been doing such a lame thing, I probably would have come across these beauties:



Glamorous, gray, and ridiculous enough that they wouldn’t be out of place in a drag queen’s closet – that’s my kind of shoe! I can’t wait for fall. Or for when I magically win the lottery or acquire a sugar daddy who wants to buy me a pair of $2,000 boots that can’t be worn in the rain.

Also, I have to note that the fetish trend has clearly taken full hold, as evidenced by these boots, also by Louboutin, appearing in Neiman Marcus.



Seriously, those aren’t even ‘fetish style’ – I feel like any dominatrix could pick up a pair of those and paddle the night away in them.

Does that mean that I don’t want them? Why no, in my secret soul I want those too. And the new sideline career I would start if I had them.


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