Willa and PJ Got Married!

13 Jul

This weekend I traveled with the parents (Zoe’s still in St. Louis, Muny-ing it up) up to Calais, Vermont, for my cousin Willa’s wedding. And in brief it was lovely, although since it’s late and I’m tired and procrastinating anyway, I will revert to my favorite, the bullet point, for my post-weddingy thoughts.

-Vermont. That shit be green, yo.

-Seriously, though, it looks like a set up there! The entire state! Red farmhouses and lush green hills stretching for miles. I always have a city girl’s fascination with what life would be like growing up in the country like that – would the pace of life be slower? Would you feel more fulfilled with smaller things like growing a vegetable garden, and a life that consists mainly of a gentle routine of work and spending much more time with family? I think probably yes. I also think that I would appreciate it for about a month, and then the rustic driveway would have skidmarks from Zoe and I rushing off to find the nearest Target. I’m not proud of it, but there you have it.

-The wedding itself was just beautiful; honest and simple and great. It took place at an old house by a lake that was very Long Pond-esque, and the entire thing felt very easy and true to the couple. A lovely, lovely wedding.

-Interestingly enough, both Willa and her brother Simeon married people they dated when they were teenagers, then subsequently broke up with but stayed close to. And in both cases, their spouses are so clearly, utterly right. If this is the family trend, I’m in trouble, as I didn’t date anyone until I was 20. Either that, or I marry Zachary Lantz, my nursery school husband.

– Technically, Willa is the cousin directly above me in age, which means that of the Chapins, I’m the next in line for a family wedding. I don’t want to talk about it.

– For the wedding, I wore a sort of Paisley print red dress with a giant gold bead necklace from Topshop, and put my black leather jacket on top. I was going for ‘Vermont Wedding,’ but ended up with something closer to ‘Vermont Boho Biker Rally.’

-However, the necklace proved of invaluable assistance when my baby cousin (once removed? I never know) Leo discovered it, and managed to stay relatively entertained by the multiple strands for most of the ceremony (additional support provided by Mom’s bracelet and a crinkly wrapper provided by Uncle Sam – you know the seasoned parents in the bunch). The leather jacket also was fun for Leo – apparently it was his first time feeling leather (I felt like a bad influence), and he was vastly amused by it. The best part was talking to Leo’s father Catlin, then looking over to realize that Leo had moved on from touching it to putting it in his mouth, and was in fact gently gnawing on my leather-clad shoulder.

-I’ll wrap this up now, as it is bed time, but I will leave you with these photos of the ridiculously adorable Leo.


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