So much for funny looking

10 Jul

So I was breezing through Time Out New York, and was stopped mid-page flip by this vision:



When I had wiped the table off after my spit take, I read that this particular bastion of yummy was responsible for the joke of the week (which is funny!*) and is, in fact, a Comedian named Colin Kane. So I guess not all comedians became funny to compensate for their goofy dorkiness/ lack of success with the ladies. Some apparently are funny to relax the people who have been stunned into silence by their cartoon-hero jaw and ice blue eyes.

But seriously, nature, spread out the skills a little.

*The funny joke is: “The cost of living in this city is ridiculous; I used Craigslist to find an apartment, typed in my minimum and maximum for rent, and a picture of my parents’ basement popped up.”

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