I’m Ba-ack!

8 Jul

And actually, nobody will know it yet, because I haven’t one hundred percent decided that I want to revive this here blog. And since the last post was, oh, two years ago, it’s understandable that I will write this post solely for the dust bunnies of the vast forgotten internet.

That being said, I have thoughts. Often they are random, occasionally they are interesting, and very rarely they are entertaining to anyone but me. So, I figure, instead of having them just in my head, why don’t I free them to the greater wilds of the interwebs? Isn’t that what this modern medium is for?

So, watch here, potential future blog readers, for possible hypothetical posts, should I decide to actually post something. Be entertained (possibly), be moved (unlikely), be looking at yet another personal blog posted by a quirky overeducated Brooklynite who thinks that her thoughts are worthy of publication. Huzzah!


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