1 Sep

Hello again –

Many apologies for the large space of time since my last post – I honestly didn’t realize it was that long since I had last posted. Which is pretty surprising, actually, considering that the days just seem to stretch longer and longer, hence the title of my post.

Yes, we’ve been here a long time now, and everyone’s beginning to feel it. This manifests in a variety of ways – my search for and collection of English books and magazines grows, anyone in the cast could give you a run-down of the best websites to pull television shows from, and crossword puzzles have begun to show up backstage on a regular basis. It has taken hold on stage, as well – the cast has begun to, ahem, colour their performances just a touch. There apparently is a game with the ratherself-explanatory name of ‘cockslappy’ going on, in which the cast sees if they can get away with slapping their fellow male castmembers in a certain sensitive area during the ‘improv’ parts of the show. I only found out about it when I was working backstage and had my lovely chat with the Rum Tum Tugger interrupted by his keeling over in pain after our Tumblebrutus ran past him with evil intentions.

The malaise has started to manifest in other, more character driven ways, too. One of our swings, John (who was our Tugger in Taiwan), has decided that his character, Admetus, is actually a serial killer. Onstage, he has claimed the stage right platform as ‘Admetus’ house’ and refused to let anyone else on. He paints his black lip into a sneer/scar, and perfected a sort of Norma Desmond/psychopath wide-eyed stare and smile that just hits the perfect ‘run away right now, before I snap’ note.  In other departments, our physiotherapist has taken to dressing in one of the wigs or costumes, or a variation thereof, on Sundays between shows, and waited to ambush the cast as they come offstage.

Sundays have, in general, become the focus of many of the more ridiculous ways to spice things up. A few Sundays ago, someone brought in a tray of only the most ridiculous giant fake lashes, complete with color pieces and metallic shiny bits, which all of the crew put on to run the show as normal. We’re a punchy bunch these days.

But there have been some bright spots to what has otherwise been a tough August (my job gets no more enjoyable, nor I more suited to it). The cast has been great, as usual, bonding over such joys as the opening of Hooters across the street (complete with imported Buffalo wings (delicious as promised, Mike!) and imported Blonde American waitresses (only until the Koreans are trained up to hula-hoop and zipline the orders through, presumably).  And, even better, I had a visit from Warrick, my Sydney boy, whose visit both cheered me up immensely and made me realize that my usual recent state of existence here isn’t the middling happiness I had thought, but something in a slightly bluer shade.

So, the decision has been made, and finalized after a few conversations with Warrick. I will leave the tour before the China season, and return to New York, for which I ache. I will still go to Thailand, which I so look forward to, and I will have a few weeks in Sydney still, to spend time with the friends I have made there and will hate to leave, to feed the addictions I have adopted (Natural Confectionary Gummy Dinos, here I come!), and stock up on as much Elle Macpherson underwear as I can get (seriously, it’s the best, and way to expensive in the states). And then, it will be back to the Big Apple, to my natural habitat, to a Brooklyn apartment with Jason and the show biz and the bagels. There is much about this I will miss, but it is time to go home.

One Response to “Auuuuuuugggguuuuuuuuusstttt”

  1. Michael B September 5, 2007 at 12:43 am #

    How exciting! I wish I was going back to NY, but onward I go with the tour. We just started our third production period on Friday…with all the creatives on hand…yeeesh!

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