My spirit creature pooped on me

10 Apr

Well, actually, it didn’t. But I was walking around the Botanical garden this afternoon and heard the familiar screeching of a huge number of bats in the trees, and had the thought that I hope they didn’t poop on me. And then I thought that if a bat did actually poop on me, I would have the best blog post title ever. And then I thought that perhaps that blog post title would make up for my shocking absence from the blogosphere for the past month. And I considered waiting there in the hopes that one did poop on me, and thus I could honestly title a blog posting that, I decided that was pathetic, and I’d rather not covered by guano for the sake of the blog.  So, I have lied in my blog post title in the vain hopes that the best blog post name ever would make up for my shameful lack of updates in the past month.

For this, I do have some excuse. Because the Thailand season, which was supposed to have fallen between Taiwan and South Korea, was postponed, I had a month of downtime, which my boss told me might be a good time to travel or visit home. Since I wasn’t sure when I would be able to do that again, I scheduled the trip.
Well, as it turns out, the South Korean visa process is so nasty I very well could have stayed in Sydney and had plenty to do, but that’s another story. In any case, the week before I left was filled with crazy tracking of people down to get all sorts of personal info you feel bad getting from them, and crazy packing all the stuff I had accumulated in Sydney and Taiwan over the last months into one giant green suitcase. So there was little time for blogging then. And honestly, the month that followed, with a brief visit in San Francisco (shout out to my fellow Assistant Company Manager/ Blogger, Mike!) and then on to my beloved New York, was one of the most intensely jam-packed four week periods in my life thus far, in many facets. The specifics of all this could fill many posts, and already has filled many emails and lunches already. But suffice it to say that I got a fantastic job, saw many shows, made new friendships and deepened some old ones, and rediscovered how much I love New York and all it encompasses.
And now I am back in Sydney, readjusting to the readjustments. It is strange to fly for twenty four hours anywhere and have it feel like a commute, but that is how it’s beginning to feel for me. Which is great – I have always loved Sydney, and to have it feel like another home base is an excellent thing. I do with it were a little closer to my other home base, but if it were than it just wouldn’t be Sydney, I suppose.
And now that I’m back, I will update. I still must do a wrap-up of Taiwan, with an addendum to include the news article with the best headline ever, as found by Jason. And update I shall, I promise on the grave of my spirit creature.

P.S.  I’m not sure I can claim bats as my spirit creature, as I think technically a spirit creature is something that appears from your subconscious during some sort of Native American initiation ritual. I just like bats, and feel a strange kinship with them as they are sort of peculiar. (You might think I would choose giant squids, but no. Although they are terrifyingly elegant and elegantly terrifying while in their element, and that does sound cool, I don’t really want something that creepy and frightening as my spirit creature (the fact that they are mostly pasty and bloated when out of their element sadly does fit, though). I’d be curious to find out what my spirit creature actually was – the only creature that has appeared in my dreams as any sort of guide recently was Michael Weintraub, and though he’s lovely, I don’t think he qualifies as a subconscious archetype.

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