Back in Sydney

16 Feb

I write this from my desk in Sydney, back in the office. Well, that’s not technically true – I write this from Mark’s old desk in the office back in Sydney. You see, when I first came to the office, I was given the most spacious desk in the cubicle cluster of three in the center of the offices. Then, when Mark, the Company Manager, started working, I was moved to be accross from him. Now that I’m back, people from Phantom are at both of those desks, so I am at the third of the desks, making in essence a full circle. Sort of. Anyway, I am back to the binders and the delicious nearby sushi, and today at four, because the boss felt we needed it, we cracked open a bottle of wine, which was much appreciated. And hey! I have actual working hours again! and true days off!

Anyway, I am back in Sydney, having bid goodbye to Taiwan. Which is bittersweet, although frankly it helps to be distracted by the mind-bending stress that you may have forgotten to book someone a ticket, or that checking everyone in is your responsibility, or getting everyone from one terminal to another, instead of thinking ‘aww, it’s my last dumpling’ thoughts.

But, as bittersweet as it is to be out of Taiwan, it’s lovely to be back in Sydney. I arrived (with much turbulance) into Sydney in the rain, which made everything smell sweet and earthy and wonderful. And, of course, it’s true summer here, so despite my grumbly dislike for sun and beach, I have to say that it’s pretty beautiful here right now. I even found myself looking fondly at one of the giant cockroaches that wander Sydney, although I wasn’t feeling so warmly disposed to the one that crawled in through my window last night and is, even now, waiting dead under a pile of clothes somewhere in my room, having been killed by a blast of pesticide that probably will cause my future children to be born with tentacles, as I spent the night breathing in the fumes.

I thought, while the memories are still fresh, that I would do a sort of wrap-up of my impressions of Taiwan. Which I will do, shortly, but not right now, and not in this particular post, as my wine-addled work mind (well, not really.  work has more to do with it than wine, I think) pressed ‘publish’ instead of send, so now it’s out there for all to see. So soon, an update. Now, a walk home by the beach, followed by gingerly going through the clothing pile on my floor to try to find the dead cockroach carcass. My life is too glamorous for words!


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