An Update

22 Nov

Alright, a new post. Hmm. I have to admit, this blog posting thing is a challenge in a way I hadn’t predicted – do you have a nice theme to each post, a self-contained little story about where you are, but that doesn’t necessarily say much about your mindset? Do you go for the type of post that is most like an email, filled with all the nitty gritty details about what you’re dealing with on an everyday basis, even though it may be on the navel-gazing side of things? Focus on the travel (which means that things will get much more interesting come the end of December, when I actually take off for Taiwan), or make it distinctly me? I don’t quite know yet. But now that I write this, I realize that in posting this particular post, it will be a blog searching for its identity as a blog – a navel-gazing metablog, if you will.

Anyway, I thought I would use this particular post to give an update on things mentioned in previous posts, and things in my life in general while I’m here. First of all, I asked the question during the Melbourne Cup post (and well done, Mike, for picking up on the title! I am proud such fellow theater dorks exist, and that I can hang out with them and make them get me tickets to the tour of Jersey Boys) about which would win – instinct, logic, or complete chance. Well, the answer to that is…. Japan.

For those of you who follow such things, the winning two horses, called Delta Blues and Pop Rock, were both raised and trained in Japan, and Delta Blues was ridden by a Japanese jockey, which made for a pretty funny post-win interview. Anyhoo, this was a big deal, as the Aussie favorites were left in the dust on their home turf, and the highly touted big Irish horse, Yeats, couldn’t cut it either. So despite having randomly picked the little papers for the two top ranked horses and doing my little box trifecta bets (which I got two out of three on, which isn’t bad), I won precisely nothing, proving yet again that the world will thwart your attempts to create meaningful metaphors at every turn, damnit.

Ultimately, I think I’m happier it turned out this way. Although I’m not driven to gambling at all (I hate casinos), there’s something about placing bets that has a strange appeal – perhaps because you think you might have some control over the outcome, that if you use logic you can somehow outsmart the gods of chance. Had I won anything, I think I may have been drawn to do it again. The way it is now, with my squandered twenty dollars, it’s a safe bet that I won’t become one of those leather-skinned women chain-smoking outside the OTB, waiting for that one big bet to come through. Actually, come to think of it, I don’t actually see women outside the OTB very often, and it would be very hard to become what I do see outside the OTB, a beerbellied, leather-skinned, chain-smoking man, without a significant lifestyle change, and expensive surgery.

As for my job, I realized it’s probably time to give a little update there, too. We start rehearsals next week, which is incredibly exciting as being around rehearsals in any form is one of my favorite things in the world. And, considering I’ve been staring at the headshots and personal information of all the actors for about a month and a half now, it’ll be good to actually meet them and not feel like quite such a creepy stalker (although some of my more petty behavior, like refusing to seat a certain cute castmember (who, remember, I have never actually interacted with) next to any cute girl castmembers on group flights, would doubtless qualify me as such). It still all exists in the realm of abstraction right now – I was more aware of the travelling before I ever left home. Right now, I see the tour more as a giant spreadsheet of connections and flights and options and prices and purchase orders.

Oh, that’s the other thing. This job gives me more responsibility than I’ve had in a job yet – suddenly my mistakes, or hesitations, can cost literally thousands of dollars. At this stage, much of my job consists of booking flights and accommodations for the touring company, which consists of fifty two people. They are all coming from different places, and flying at different times, and have different requests for different reasons, and sometimes when things get insanely hectic I fantasize about a giant whiteboard with hundreds of color coded markers, and being able to look at a beautiful uberchart of all the details laid out before me. But this is not to be, and so excel must do. And on my darker days, I fantasize about getting everyone on a giant bus, driving them to the top of Australia, and then making them all get on a boat to Taiwan. But hopefully one day, in late December, I can look at the entire company assembled and happy and where they’re supposed to be, and think ‘phew.’ And then I can look around, and realize I’m looking at the company all assembled on a large Asian island, and think ‘wow.’  


One Response to “An Update”

  1. Michael December 4, 2006 at 3:48 am #

    Anika…your post here as inspired me to start my tour blog as well! Tomorrow is my first day off since Thanksgiving, and what better way to spend the night before than by starting a new blog (but I might go to the Cheesecake Factory a few blocks away first…only time will tell). Sounds like our jobs are both filled with wonderful travel arrangements and such! We’ll have to share war stories of flights being canceled and last minute rental car purchases in the future.

    More to come…

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